Logistics, Local Hauling, Truck Leasing, and Over The Road (OTR) Logistics

Butters Companies offers logistics services for almost any job. Our team will take every factor into consideration and do our best to prepare for any situation. When you work with us, we make sure that your experience is perfect from start to finish. Our Over The Road Logistics (OTR Logistics) is streamlined to ensure success, especially when it comes to Local Hauling. Should you want to take on the project yourself, we offer the option to lease our trucks and use them as needed.

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Butters Companies offers logistics services for almost any job. If you want a job done right, it takes planning and coordination. We’ve been in business long enough to know how things should be done. Our experience has allowed us to gain the knowledge and skill sets needed to complete any job in an organized manner and deliver the quality you expect, on time.

Let Butters Companies do the heavy hauling for you. We have all the heavy duty trucks you need for your next project. Our dump trucks handle all types of aggregates on a daily basis, and can easily take care of other items such as concrete debris, asphalt debris, environmental debris and so much more. We also have a fleet of flat bed trucks and trailers to handle many types of hauling.

So you’ve booked a big job or need something to help haul dirt and rocks around your property. Well Butters Companies can help. We have a large fleet of trucks you can lease to do all your heavy hauling. Flat bed or dumping beds, we have what you are looking for. Call us to arrange your lease option today.

Over The Road Logistics or OTR Logistics is something you should consider when hauling any product or item, no matter how far the distance. One wrong move can cost you time and money. We can help make things easy, by working with you every step of the way. This saves you time and money which will indefinitely improve your bottom line.