Learning and Development

At C.E. Butters, we are committed to ongoing learning and development. We encourage all employees to expand and explore new territories for continued growth. We take pride in knowing that we lead our industry with respect to training and developing our employees. We offer extensive Employee Development and Internal Training.


We are a large enough corporation to offer competitive pay, excellent benefits, and advancement opportunities, while maintaining a small business feel. Because our company is substantially dependent on the efforts and performances of our employees, it is our goal to provide and continually enhance our compensation plans to offer competitive wages and benefits.

While C.E. Butters offers a respectable list of benefits, one of our most alluring features is our commitment to keep our workplace strong and vibrant by offering department cross-training and on-going safety training and implementation.

We look for individuals who share our commitment to excellence and exhibit high standards of personal and business integrity. Commitment to the team, dependability, problem-solving skills and resourcefulness are just a few of the core competencies we seek. Equally important are the traits of leadership and an ability to set and meet challenging goals.

If you are interested in employment with our company please print and fill out this form. We retain applications for one year and review as needed for hiring. You may also submit an application using the form below.

    Submit a PDF of your resume to Butters Companies:

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