General Excavation, Earthwork, Environmental Reclamation, and Landscaping Services

General Excavation, Earthwork, Environmental Reclamation, and Landscaping Services are all synonymous with Butters Companies. All jobs big and small receive our expertise and knowledge. Whether you are moving into a new home or business and need excavation work done, or just feel like sprucing up the landscape on your current property, you need to work with Butters Companies. Our environmental reclamation services are also available to help when Mother Nature decides to deliver her worst.

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General excavation refers to the removal of large quantities of earth and can pertain to a wide range of projects. Preparing lots for homes, excavating stone and dirt, dredging lakes – ponds – rivers, shaping land for roads, and even constructing man made ponds, are just a few of the many projects we have worked on. Our heavy equipment like track hoes, back hoes, and bulldozers can handle it all.

Earthwork is much like excavation, but includes so much more. It is defined as an artistic work that consists of a large-scale alteration or modification of an area of land in a specific configuration using soil, rock, or similar elemental materials. Butters Companies has been involved in all types of projects requiring this type of artistic work, and we can help you with yours.

Mother Nature and nature in general can be quite powerful. Over time, when land isn’t cared for or controlled, things can get out of hand quite fast. Butters Companies has the expertise and powerful equipment you are looking for to reclaim your property. We are not only trained in environmental reclamation, but can handle environmental improvements as well.

Landscaping has plenty of value when done properly. It can improve the worth of your property aesthetically or even protect certain aspects of your property like your home or business. We can not only help construct your new landscape, but we own our own pits which produce some of the finest aggregates around. Large boulders, slate stone, cobble or even sand. We have it all!