Demolition and Wreckage Removal

Butters Companies isn’t just good at building and construction, but we can handle demolition too. Whether you’re tearing down an old building, cleaning up a parking lot full of old concrete and asphalt, or just needing help with the removal of large trees, shrubbery and debris. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty. Our heavy equipment is at the ready to clean up the job site so you can move forward with your plans.

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Our demolition services can help with the demolition and removal of unwanted materials. We have the required equipment such as bulldozers, track hoes, trucks for hauling and much more. We will even handle the dust control if needed with our own water trucks.

Wreckage removal is a piece of cake for Butters Companies. We utilize our heavy equipment to separate and remove any and all material needed. Whatever it takes to make our customers happy. Whether it be man made objects of natural objects in the area, we can take care of everything.