Chocolate Mulch Gravel

Fractured (crushed) rock or rocks with a subtle tone of blue, gray, brown and red. We are capable of manufacturing to specific sizes once you have chosen what you will be using it for. Some ideas include landscaping, driveways, and other common decorative rock – stone (gravel) purposes.

chocolate mulch gravel

Common Uses:

  • Use as a ground cover. This replaces any bark, flagstone chips, or bark mulch in your landscaping plan or yard design.
  • Use for local park strip landscaping, or add chocolate mulch to your current gravel.
  • Perfect for patio areas, pathways, waterfalls, water features, sculptures, and dry stack retaining walls.
  • Consider using it between stepping stones or between rock steps. Also between slabs or for zen gardens, fire pits, and gravel gardens.
  • Absolutely beautiful within wall or planters.
  • Inspirational carved rock designs.

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